Fabric Buildings and  Fabric Structures - World Wide since 1968

We will never stop innovating.
Rubb is a world leader in providing relocatable, fabric structures, fabric buildings and tension membrane structures to industrial, commercial and military markets.
From our first Rubbhall in Norway in 1968, we have developed into an international group. Rubb Group now maintains complete engineering, design and production facilities in many country in the world.

If you care about what you cover 
The Rubb difference is part of everything we design, engineer, and build. It’s small details, and huge details. It’s quality over cost cutting. It’s the right amount of steel. It’s engineering to meet demanding applications and environments. It’s both structural integrity and professional processes. It’s the only way we know how to build. I invite you to experience the Rubb difference and discover the finest in steel and fabric structures.

Our integrity is in the engineering
Rubb Buildings are the pinnacle  of engineering, design and integrity  in steel-supported tension membrane structures.  

They are in service worldwide  providing highly functional  cost effective building solutionsto a wide range of industries.

We are represented on all six continents
The Rubb Group manufactures pre-fabricated, relocatable aircraft hangars, buildings, shelters and customized structures for many different applications.

Rubb is today a world leader in the design, manufacture, delivery and erection of  fabric structures, fabric buildings and fabric building solutions.