Fabric building specialists

Rubb is a leading specialist in the design, manufacture, and construction of custom-made engineered fabric buildings. Our solutions cover a range of sectors including sport, aviation, military, ports, storage, and many more.
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Innovative fabric buildings

Rubb is a world-leading manufacturer of temporary and permanent tension membrane structures for a wide variety of commercial and public sectors.




The Rubb difference

The fabric building experts at Rubb have listened to direct requests from clients over the years to provide a portfolio of unique solutions, which ensure our fabric structures, hangars, and shelters meet customers’ and end users’ direct requirements.

About us


Design, manufacture, construct

All Rubb tensile fabric buildings are designed and manufactured at our plants around the world. The company was founded in 1966 and has a proud history of delivering innovative and quality fabric structures to a wide range of clients.

Rubb produces fabric structures of the highest quality. This is the benchmark for every element of the Rubb process. Rubb’s engineered fabric structures are strong, durable, flexible, relocatable, and easy to maintain. Whether you require temporary or permanent fabric buildings, these multi-use facilities are always a cost-effective investment.

We are dedicated to meeting our customers’ requirements and work with them to continually improve the products and services that we provide. Rubb maintains an effective and efficient Quality Management System based on the requirements of ISO 9001, with emphasis on quality management principles including a strong customer focus and continual improvement.

Our service engineers and technicians are experts in the production of steel and aluminium framed, PVC fabric clad, tensile structures, with more than forty years of experience. Rubb works closely with clients throughout the process, from design and materials engineering to manufacturing, site work, and installation.

As part of our ongoing customer care, Rubb also provides full assessments of existing structures. Our services include replacement parts and spares, refurbishment, dismantle and relocation if required. Our experienced technical team is also available to train your staff in the construction, maintenance and dismantling of Rubb products.

Thermohall® technical specification

Rubb’s patented Thermohall® insulated cladding system delivers many cost-effective and eco-friendly benefits.

Thermohall® fabric can be used to clad all Rubb structure types. Insulation can be supplied in thicknesses from 50mm (2in) to 150mm (6in), providing the best cost-saving thermal solution.

Thickness U Value (SI) W/m2K R Value (US) ft-F-hr/BTU
50mm (2in) 0.67 W/m2K R11
100mm (4in) 0.36 W/m2K R19
150mm (6in) 0.25 W/m2K R27

Outer layer
Flame retardant heavy-duty fabric

High-density glass wool insulation

Inner layer
Self-cleaning PVC fabric