Aludesign expands with Rubb hall

The construction of a new storage hall attached to an existing production facility may seem to be a simple task, but erecting a warehouse without one wall is a great challenge in terms of design and assembly.

Aludesign, an aluminium castings manufacturer from Gorzów Śląski, asked Rubb for support with the extension of their existing production facility. The plan was to add new storage space for their products.

The new warehouse had to be insulated, be ready to accomodate high-bay racking, and affixed to the existing building with 15m high gable wall.

A standard building made with single-skin fabric or sandwich panels would not work in this situation. The dimensions of the storage hall and its location in 90 kg/sqm snowfall zone required the use of a steel structure for safety reasons.

The design of the Thermohall® cladding was also challenging. The priority was to maintain a stable temperature inside both buildings, so the connection between them had to be hermetic. As the cladding is supple and elastic, it fit tightly to the wall keeping the new storage perfectly aligned with the production building. It eliminated the problem of thermal bridging and reduced the overall maintenance costs, such as heating or air condidtioning.

The hall designed for Aludesign is a typical high-bay warehouse. It measures 30m x 30m, 15m in the apex, and is insulated with 100mm glass wool. It is equipped it with 6 windows, a high-speed sectional door (which is a passage way between the buildings), and two access doors.


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