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Innovation along with excellence in engineering has always been an integral aspect of Rubb’s business culture.

We value and place importance on improving our products through focused research and development, with the ultimate goal of improved customer satisfaction.

Here are just a few of the exciting things Rubb is currently working on in our Building Innovation Group (BIG).

Rubb USA is now offering longer lasting and environmentally friendly LED lighting packages to replace less efficient metal halide lights. We have purchased a new (AGi 32) lighting layout program to streamline lighting design in Rubb buildings.

Rubb is working on security solutions that can be incorporated into the design and build out of our buildings. Stay tuned for more developments in this area in 2017.

Rubb USA is also working on some highly innovative energy saving modifications that could produce significant long term results and energy savings for our customers. Rubb will be using a 34-year-old original steel shop as a hub for Rubb building innovations.

An automatic drawing computer program for custom designed BVR buildings is in progress. The finished program will include a detailed 3D model, fabrication cut sheets for the new flow water jet, and steel fabrication drawings based on user inputs.

Rubb has incorporated an automatic excel loading calculator to include seismic loads when needed.

According to Rubb engineer and BIG member Sam Mrozinski: “We are working on a lot of things that could really benefit our customers, some really cool stuff. We are always looking for ways to make our tasks more efficient, save energy, and be more environmentally friendly.”


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