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Rune Martini Hallmaker Group CEO

The Rubb and Hallmaker Groups are set to focus on building expertise and growth after consolidating a new business partnership.

This follows a successful merger between the Rubb and Hallmaker Group’s fabric building divisions in 2010.

The Hallmaker Group, which is now owned jointly by Truls Torgersen and the Haldorsen family, will form the umbrella company for a number of successful businesses in the steel and fabric building industry.

New CEO Rune Martini has joined the company to oversee all businesses and the expanding portfolio of innovative structures and associated products and services.

These include Rubb Building Systems (fabric structure specialist companies in Norway, UK, USA, Sweden and Poland), Hallmaker AS steel building solutions, RentHall (rental), Plamek Building Services (construction and maintenance) and ArqDesign (balcony solutions).

The Hallmaker Group provides more than a century of experience, which began with the manufacture of riding saddles and developed into one of Scandinavia’s leading suppliers of steel and fabric structures. The family owned business is an ideal partner to support the Rubb Group in upholding its position as world leader in relocatable fabric engineered buildings.

Meanwhile Rubb is proud of its heritage and is widely respected for its high quality engineered fabric structures. Founded in Norway by industry innovator Finn Haldorsen in 1968, the Rubb Group also has plants in the UK, USA and Poland as well as offices in Sweden.

Rubb Group CEO Rune Martini said: “Hallmaker and Rubb are both strong brands in the markets we operate and we believe further integration between the businesses will enhance our internal processes, strengthen our visibility in the market and show the broad range of buildings and services that we can offer as a group. Hallmaker and Rubb are complementary businesses on products and geographical markets. The new group is set to offer a wider variety of products and services including, steel buildings, fabric buildings, rental opportunities and recurrent services through our service/maintenance/installation departments, to our existing loyal client base as well as new customers.”


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