Does Rubb’s Thermohall® system also insulate sound?

Rubb’s Thermohall® insulation is well known for its temperature control, but did you know it also insulates sound?


Thermohall® is Rubb’s patented insulation system, which boosts the energy efficiency of hundreds of Rubb’s structures across the globe. The system is comprised of non-combustible glass wool insulation encapsulated in air and watertight pockets between the PVC cladding of Rubb’s buildings. From Turkish Technic’s giant MRO hangar, to 9m long workshops, the eco-friendly insulation system promotes energy efficiency and comfortable working environments across all sectors and structure sizes.



When Thermohall® was first developed, the Bvggorsk Norwegian Building Research Institute conducted extensive testing of its innate sound reduction properties (specifically the 50mm and 100mm variants, which have been utilised in many of Rubb’s projects).


The setup was simple. Two chambers: a transmitter chamber, and a sound chamber—separated by a 4m wide by 2.5m high Thermohall® sample. After the sample wall was mounted, the transmitter chamber was tilted towards the sound chamber, and fastened to its connection points with 1 tonne of pressure per point. This created a perfect seal to the test wall, preventing all sound leakage. Then, the sound chamber’s microphones recorded the sound that could penetrate the Thermohall® sample to calculate its overall sound reduction.


The test was carried out in accordance with NS-EN ISO 717-4, and found the following results:


50mm: 19dB sound reduction

100mm: 22dB sound reduction


This provided the baseline for the full findings, which were achieved by adjusting these values to calculate Thermohall®’s effectiveness in real-life scenarios. Specifically, the study applied algorithms that focussed on traffic and aircraft noise, which are constant factors in the locations of many of Rubb’s industrial and aviation projects.


Traffic control reduction:

50mm: 14 dB sound reduction

100mm: 17 dB sound reduction


Aircraft noise reduction:

50mm: 15dB sound reduction

100mm: 18dB sound reduction


Rubb now offers 150mm and 200mm options for its Thermohall® packages, so it tracks that these variations would offer even greater sound reduction properties.



While these results are very positive and can be considered one of the many benefits of Thermohall® technology, Rubb is striving to achieve even more levels of sound reduction with its insulation system.


Rubb USA is currently investigating methods of reaching upwards of 50dB of sound reduction in order to attain recording studio levels of quiet. This will eliminate audible conversations and outside distractions, which is perfect for projects with specific acoustic requirements.


There are several methods that Rubb USA is investigating with its partner, such as: steel-clad sound reduction panels placed in-between the PVC skins; tilt-up concrete; utilising drywall with resilient channel wall and ceiling assemblies; and connecting components of the system with vibration dampening connectors.


Some of these methods have already been utilised in previous projects with very satisfactory results, so there is no doubt this will further establish Rubb’s buildings as the most functional solutions on the market.


To keep up to date with these exciting developments for the Thermohall® technology, follow us on social media for all the latest Rubb news. Contact the team to find out how Thermohall® can support your needs.


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