easyJet set for 2020 Gatwick maintenance hangar expansion

Rubb is proud to announce the expansion of easyJet’s Gatwick Airport MRO hangar facility.

Originally constructed by Rubb in 2016, the current Gatwick facility is comprised of a twin-span hangar measuring 91.5m wide x 60m long. To meet increasing demand, easyJet have tasked Rubb with expanding this MRO facility with a third hangar.

The new hangar will measure 47m wide by 50m long, 9.6m to the eaves, with an apex of 19.29m. It will be integrated into the current structure, increasing the twin-span hangar to triple-span, and bringing the total width to 139.1m—the largest hangar facility Rubb UK has ever produced.

The reduced length of the hangar (50m versus the current twin-span’s 60m) is intended to accommodate the smaller A320 aircraft, rather than the larger A321 presently housed.

The hot dip galvanized steel frame is clad with 150mm thick Thermohall® insulated fabric, and will deliver 2135sq m of usable working floorspace. A full LED lighting systemventilation system, and LPG heating system will be installed.

Matching the original construction, the new hangar will be serviced by a vertical lifting hangar door. The 41m clear, 13.5m high door opening will allow easy and safe access to the A320 bay facility. To the rear of the MRO hangar will be single and two storey cabins to meet logistic and office requirements.

Work is set to commence in the new year.

Rubb has also prepared a 360º video to showcase the expansion in virtual reality.


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