Insulated warehouse solution helps support mining plans in Armenia

Insulated warehouse solution helps support mining plans in Armenia

When Lydian International needed an insulated warehouse near the remote town of Yermuk in Armenia, they called on Rubb to supply a rugged FXG Thermohall.

The 30m x 30m steel framed, fabric clad structure was constructed at an altitude of 3000m. This insulated warehouse is designed for a full 3.4 kN/m2 snow load, and a 1.0 kPa wind pressure. Lighting, doors, destratification fans, and exhaust ventilation were designed and delivered along with the hot-dip galvanized steel structure and insulated Rubb Thermohall cladding.

Lydian International is an emerging gold developer. Its 100%-owned Amulsar Gold Project has mineral resources containing nearly 5 million ounces, targeted production of 225,000 ounces annually, and low sustaining costs of $579 per ounce of gold produced. The estimated output of the Amulsar project is 10 Mt of gold-bearing quartzite ore. Construction of the mine is expected to be completed during 2018.

The Rubb building was ordered in February 2017. Delivery took place on schedule in April, and a two-man Rubb team completed the assembly in just 18 days in May.

Lydian Construction Manager Yelena Kirakosyan wrote: “We were very much impressed by Rubb’s flexibility, ability to take the initiative and make decisions to ensure timely and effective implementation of the project… the team demonstrated a high sense of responsibility and a disciplined safety culture, which made our co-operation easy and highly productive. We are also very pleased with technical characteristics and overall quality of the Rubb product. The high quality pre-fabricated steel structure was easy to assemble, which ensured a complete facility installation within the shortest time frame and with minimum resources.”

In line with Lydian’s intention to keep a ‘light footprint’ at the site, the Rubb designed foundation system, consisting of prefabricated concrete blocks, was specially fabricated to allow for removal at a later date. The Rubb Thermohall will provide a climate controlled, reliable storage building for the critical phases of the fast track development of the mine.


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