Larvikittblokka picks Rubb AS’ mining solution

Rubb AS has supplied stone mining company Larvikittblokka with a 15m span x 25m length x 6.4m sidewall FH hall.

Erected by Plamek on top of the Klåstad quarry in Larvik, the Rubb building will assist in the sawing and production of larvikite blocks. Chosen specifically for its deep, dark colour that lends the stone an ‘organic, solid, and elegant feel,’ Larvikittblokka offers the stone in 0.4m to 1m falling lengths. With blocks this large, it’s no surprise they reached out to Rubb AS for a flexible storage solution.

“We needed a hall that was both temperature-regulating and had a frost-free indoor climate. At the same time, it was important that the hall was noise-reducing,” explained Jan Henrik Hansen, general manager of Larvikittblokka.

Noise reduction was significant factor the client needed to be addressed, as a good solution to that would allow work to take place on evenings without disturbing their neighbours. To meet this requirement, Rubb AS insulated the hall in 100mm Thermohall®. In addition to the glass wool technology’s temperature-regulating properties, Rubb’s energy efficient solution also insulates sound.

The hall is complete with two ventilation fans in each gable and several doors. An electrically operated 4.8m x 5m motorized industrial articulated lift door; two 1m x 2.1m wicket doors; and a 3m x 3m folding door placed in the gable.

“Rubb AS has been very good in both the planning phase and the implementation of this project. The quarry has been given a hall that meets all our requirements and wishes. The collaboration with Rubb AS has worked very well. We’ll also consider Rubb AS on future projects, and can warmly recommend them to others,” Jan Henrik Hansen concluded.

Øyvind Kristiansen, key account manager for Rubb AS, gave us some final words: “We are very proud to deliver this product, and we are really looking forward to new challenges with the customer.”


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