In house full production facilities for steel framework and PVC covering

Frame Systems

Rubb’s design department works closely with our sales team to produce concept and planning drawings. Design engineers also work with in-house production departments to produce innovating and efficient Rubb structures.

Rubb’s design team is involved from the start of a project to ensure we come up with best custom design for our clients. Clients are always supplied with alternative options to suit specifications and budgets.

Once the project is given the green light, Rubb structural engineers will guide the design team to produce efficient drawings for steel production, with quality as the number one priority.

The Rubb design team works closely with experienced site supervisors to plan the construction of the buildings. The team provides ongoing support throughout all design, manufacture and construction stages.

Frame Systems

Cover Technology

The PVC fabric production process starts with Rubb quality 453 and 480 PVC impregnated polyester fabric material being ordered from a long-standing provider. All materials delivered to Rubb go through a visual and batch number inspection before being passed on to the factory. Rubb uses a wide range of PVC fabric colours depending on customers’ specifications.

The PVC production team rolls out the material and cuts out the required section according to the designs provided by the drawing office. The PVC sections are then passed over to the welding team where the fabric is fusion welded together to create roof sheets, gable ends and sidewall drop sheets. Throughout this process, project supervisors are visually checking all welds to ensure the best quality results.

All completed PVC sheets are then correctly folded and packed to project specific configurations to protect the PVC and speed up installation procedures.

Cover Technology
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