Rubb celebrates our dedicated employees’ long service

Rubb celebrates our dedicated employees’ long service

Melanie Brewis, Stephen Jackson and Bob Grieves all began working for Rubb UK at Team Valley Trading Estate in 1990.

Stephen won a placement at Rubb while on a Youth Training Scheme at MYSON in August 1990. He was promoted to Design Office Manager in 2007, Quality Manager in 2011 and is now H&S/Quality Manager.

Mel joined Rubb at the age of 16 and has progressed from the role of Production Operator to PVC Production Supervisor.

Bob came to Rubb at the age of 32 after working as Stores Controller at Raine Engineering. He came for an interview at Rubb and has been the company’s long-standing Storeman ever since. Staff at Rubb Norway have also been congratulating five employees on their long service.

Project Engineer Gunnar Kalager and Terje Sund from Production have both been working for Rubb AS for 35 years.Production’s Ole Jørgen Kittilsen has completed 32 years’ service. Meanwhile Vidar Sundt and Arild Skjellhaugen, also from Production, have completed 30 years’ service.

They all received medals and a gold watch each for their long and faithful service.Rubb CEO Rune Vamråk said: “I commend everyone for their dedication and long service at Rubb.”


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