Rubb Poland completes Seepoint print house project

Multiple roof pitches, contrasting cladding colour on the inside of the hall, two different heights of the side walls – all of these specifications were included in the design of a storage hall for Seepoint print house in Goleniów.

From the very beginning the warehouse project was created in close co-operation with the client. The priority was to adjust the facility to its exact function and the character of the business.

To maintain a stable temperature inside the storage hall, the building was designed and fabricated in an innovative hybrid technology, which combines two insulation systems: sandwich panels and Thermohall® roofing. This kind of combined insulation system is optimal for buildings located in zones with increased snowfall and wind force, such as Goleniów.

The main feature of this project is the difference in height of the side walls. We suggested to build the walls with 80mm thick sandwich panels, which is the best solution in terms of assembly. The sandwich panels were also used for building an internal partition wall, separating the areas of different eaves height. To keep the workflow between the parted areas, personnel doors were installed in the partition. From the outside, both parts of the warehouse can be accessed with two sectional doors, located in the gable walls.

A 100mm Thermohall® cladding was used as the roofing for this project. Thermally and design-wise, it was the best choice. Thermohall® is a supple kind of cladding, and provides a tight fit to the multiple pitch roof. Perfect shaping of the roof ensures the highest thermal efficiency of the building. Additionally, on the client’s demand, the internal side of the roof cladding was finished with grey PVC fabric instead of the standard white. The building measures 18m x 36m, with the lower apex as 6.2m and the higher one being 8.20m high.


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