Rubb Poland protects Górnik Zabrze’s advanced sport simulator from the elements

Rubb Poland was tasked with designing and manufacturing a storage solution for the Górnik Zabrze football club’s high-tech sport simulator in Zabrze, Poland.

The 20m width x 25m length x 6m sidewall sports hall is located alongside the stadium in Zabrze, and will be used by local and national sports clubs as well as the resident team.

Rubb was the ideal choice for this, as the advanced electronic equipment that makes up the sport simulator needed guaranteed protection from the elements. Rubb’s Thermohall® insulation can meet these special storage requirements, as no moisture will collect inside the hall and a comfortable ambient temperature can be maintained by the 150mm lining for optimal training conditions all year round, whatever the weather.

A better indoor climate will also result in lower costs throughout the year. This may cost upwards of three times as much if a standard tent with a pumped roof was used.

This heat retention is made even more effective by the decision to not include any windows with the design in order to minimise heat loss. This also protects the players’ privacy while training.

This is a fantastic project from Rubb Poland, which goes to show the adaptability of Rubb’s structures and the many benefits of Thermohall® insulation.


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