Rubb Poland takes part in charity drive

Rubb Poland takes part in charity drive

Dedicated staff from Rubb Poland have been busy fundraising during the 26th Grand Finale of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity.

On Sunday, January 14th, Rubb Poland raised funds by taking part in a sporting event at the local racing track in Łódź. WOŚP na Torze Łódź

Anyone who donated to the Great Orchestra had the opportunity to ride in Rubb’s Lancer EVO racing car, sitting in the passenger seat next to the professional racing driver.

This proved to be a very popular event – the queue of participants was long because this unique highlight will help support equal access to healthcare for all new-born babies.

The charity drive raised 20,000 Polish Zloty, with more than PLN 81 million raised across Poland and other countries worldwide. The total amount will be confirmed in March.

In Poland, the Grand Finale represents a day-long public fundraiser organised by the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity Foundation. The Orchestra pays for the benefit of sick children and is also in aid of providing appropriate and dignified medical care in hospital wards for the elderly.

During last year’s 25th edition of the event, people donated the record-breaking sum of PLN 105,570,801. Will the record be broken this year? Fingers crossed! Watch this space… Find out more by visiting wosp website or wosp facebook page.


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