Rubb Rally Season 2019

The Rubb rally team finished the 2019 Polish Rally Championships with a great success. Łukasz Kabaciński (the driver) and Michał Kuśnierz (the co-driver) reached 2nd place with a Ford Fiesta Proto in the Open 4WD group, and 7th place in the general ranking.

Such an excellent result was only possible thanks to their engagement and excellent teamwork. Within 6 months, Łukasz and Michał completed all 7 stages of the championships, covering over 1000 km and taking a place on the podium four times in the Open 4 WD group.

Throughout the championships we had the opportunity to test Thermohall® in the rally context. We were curious to see if it would work both as a pit-stop for the service crew, and as a resting area for the driver and co-driver. Since the Rally Championships began in late spring and lasted until early autumn, the weather varied from tropical heat to cool rains. We were glad to see that Thermohall® provided the best work and leisure conditions possible. It felt pleasantly cool under the insulated roof during the summer stages, and cozy in both the springtime and autumn. Thermohall® quickly gained the recognition of our rally team and many guests, such as players from the national Polish football team and the 2019 Polish Rally Championship Winner, who visited us during the rally season.

The 2019 Rally Championships are over, but Łukasz and Michał will take part in one more sport event, the country wide famous Barbórka Rally. Although not included in any official rally stages or championships, Barbórka is a symbolic ending to the motorsports season in Poland. It will take place in Warsaw, on the 6th and 7th of December.



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