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Rubb is a trusted leading provider of high quality fabric buildings worldwide. Our goal here at Rubb is to deliver the best building solutions to our customers. We value excellence in engineering and this ethos is reflected in everything we do.

Rubb is here to support your building project from your first contact with us, through to the design, manufacture and installation of your structure. We can offer custom made solutions or a range of standard buildings to meet your requirements. We pride ourselves on our high levels of customer service.

Our innovative fabric building solutions are serving our clients in a wide variety of sectors and we have the skills and more than four decades of experience to help meet your needs, whatever the challenge. Customers representing the fields of military, aviation, sport, ports, marine, energy, environmental, construction and emergency relief have come to rely on Rubb engineered facilities to protect their assets, staff and operations.

Rubb has earned a reputation for tackling difficult and unique projects. We have grown into a globally respected company and it is our mission to provide high quality, safe, strong, practical, innovative and long-lasting building solutions that are engineered to inspire and help your business grow.

Our eco-friendly, engineered tensile structures offer a number of benefits, which we strive to develop further through ongoing research and improving standards.

Our aim is to supply high quality designs, materials and structures that stringently meet and exceed the relevant local engineering and building codes. We are dedicated to ensuring that our structures will help you achieve your goals. To this end our structures provide design flexibility; they can be adapted, expanded and moved around site; dismantled; refurbished; relocated or packed away and stored for future use. They offer clear spans to maximize your available space, can be constructed rapidly and are energy efficient.

We believe our products will save you money over time. Rubb strives to promote a more affordable alternative to traditional bricks and mortar or steel buildings. The low life cycle costs add further value to our building solutions. As Rubb products are so easy to deploy or relocate, buying a Rubb structure is a sound investment. Our structures can even be resold if no longer needed, and put to an entirely different use elsewhere in the world.

We are committed to ongoing improvements by maintaining and promoting Rubb Values, constantly building on quality, health and safety standards, environmental responsibility, community support, supplier relationships, working environments and customer service.

Rubb Group has a worldwide reputation for responsible design and engineering of fabric buildings and structures at our dedicated design and manufacturing facilities in the UK, USA, Norway and Poland. Rubb will never compromise on quality and strives to exceed our customers’ expectations with integrity, innovation and a passion for doing things right.

Contact us today to learn more about the quality engineering and support that is the foundation of all Rubb products.

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