Rubb’s the favourite with bespoke horse riding arena

Rubb has designed, constructed, and installed a top-class riding arena for a horse riding school.

The 25m span, 39m length, 6m leg FXI hall is located in Ås, Norway, and complete with a concrete top-edge and traditional wood cladding to the sidewall.

Indoor riding arenas provide great protection from the weather, which is key in a country such as Norway. The hall is insulated with 150mm of Rubb’s Thermohall® system, meaning both the horse and rider can be kept warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

With the combination of an indoor arena and a sand surface, ventilation is essential to prevent dust and debris. To combat this, Rubb included a powerful ventilation and air mixer system to ensure safe and comfortable riding.

4.8m is often seen as the minimum wall height for riding halls, but the client chose a 6m leg allows for extra jumping height— truly making this a first-class facility. Rubb’s clear span also means that there are no support beams within the riding area, giving plenty of clearance and further ensuring there are no unintentional obstacles when riding.

The client chose to supply their own door for this project to secure additional light from outside. A bright interior is essential for safe riding, so Rubb installed several bright fittings above. There is also an access door to the left for pedestrian entry and exit.

There are many finishing touches—such as the large mirror to the right of the door—that make this Rubb’s most elaborate equestrian project to date.

The client chose Rubb’s modular building technique in order to have the option of expanding the length of the facility at a later date to match any increasing business needs. Rubb prides itself on this flexibility offered to the customer, and looks forward to potentially returning to this project in the future.



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